The Foundation

Est. 2011

  Starting out as a simple catch phrase in the 2nd st./Interfaith neighborhood of Framingham, MA, the term #CookedLife™ was originally created by a man known only as 'MD'. His close friend, known as 'Infamous Bizzy Black', was the one who coined the phrase and brought it to the neighborhood in 2010. Its original and actual meaning was to describe the highest forms of alternative thinking. Ways of thinking that are typically deemed "crazy" by modern day societal standards due to their complexity(Cooked originally being the slang term for crazy).  As the phrase gained popularity the community started to use it to describe anything people thought was wild, unique, or special. In 2011, another close friend of 'Bizzys' by the name of 'Southside Jonesy', who was in the process of branching off of from his original hip hop movement to create another. He wanted call it #CookedLife™. Jonesy met with Bizzy to discuss and solidify his idea. Together, they decided to include several other members to the rap aspect, as well as adding clothing and promotional side to it. They had aspirations to create movement that would redefine their culture and evolve into a lifestyle. Today #CookedLife™ has become a thing of it's own, taking the form of a clothing brand, record label, marketing firm and any other type of platform it may need to become in order to help a wide array of artists display their crafts to the world. 

Additional facts on the way...

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